Credit Refusal Letter, Sample & Format

Credit Refusal LetterA financial institution usually gives a credit refusal letter to a company or individual who has applied for some credit with the financial institution.  The letter informs the recipient the financial institution’s decision to refuse the credit application, with the appropriate reasons. The letter is formally written as it is considered a business letter.


San Francisco Main Bank

3305 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94112

February 2, 2011


Edward R. Alcaraz

Sparkles Renovation Enterprise

2103 Payne Street
Houston, TX 77073

Re: Decision on Credit Application

Mr. Edward Alcaraz

Thank you for your interest in applying for credit with San Francisco Main Bank. We have looked intently into your credit application and would have welcomed your business. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend any credit to you at this time.

Your credit application was refused because you do not have sufficient collateral to put forward for your credit request. Moreover, your business has not been performing well. Our study of the market for your renovation skills and services has shown a sharp decline for such services at this time with a poor real estate market.

San Francisco Main Bank would be happy to reconsider your credit application when the real estate market situation changes.

Respectfully Yours,
Credit Department

San Francisco Main Bank

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