Credit Reference Letter

Credit Reference Letter


Given the nature of banks and lenders who require guarantees for the money that they lend, it isn’t uncommon for them to scrutinize every detail of an applicant’s finances and property related documents in addition to other background checks. One of the criteria that they insist upon is the credit score which is provided by institutions with whom the candidate is involved with. A Credit Reference letter is usually issued by a financial institution to inform the enquirer of the credit standing of its customers who may want to request a loan or credit facility with another financial agency.

It is written to inform a party who wants to have some business transaction with the creditor but who wants assurance of the credit standing of the creditor before indulging into any business dealings. The contents of the letter must be concise and brief with regards to the subject matter without divulging more information than what is required.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Credit Reference Letter.


To Whom It May Concern





Loyal National Bank,

2543 Short StreetGeorgetown, TX 78626

Georgetown, TX 78626


Subject: Credit Reference

This letter aims to serve as a credit reference for Dolby International Ltd, which is an esteemed customer of the Loyal National Bank as well as one of our longest serving partners.

Dolby International Ltd has been in operation since 1999 and has obtained favorable credit standing with Loyal National Bank since our first engagement with the company in 2001. Previous loan facilities are serviced promptly, and the net book value of the company is in the pink of health. There have been no cases of loan payment defaults or check bounces when it comes to the client.

All the commitments towards the bank have been honored promptly without any need for action on the bank’s behalf.  The Bank has found Dolby International Ltd to be a trustworthy and cautious business partner which leads to its continuing success in its business dealings. We are happy to be associated with Dolby International Ltd. The outstanding loan at our bank is manageable by Dolby, taking up a small percentage of their income and should not affect any other banks.

Hence, Loyal National Bank has no hesitation in conducting further business transactions with Dolby International Ltd and recommending other companies to follow suit.

We trust that the above information is helpful to you in deciding upon your future dealings with Dolby International Ltd and their subsidiaries.


Loyal National Bank

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