Credit Dispute Letter


A Credit Dispute Letter is a letter raised by a client or customer of a financial institution such as that of a bank or a finance company. The letter raises a claim about some mismatch in the credit records of the individual. This mismatch can be in terms of extra credit charged, percentage difference, difference in the correct amount of credit of each  item etc.

This is a very official letter as the whole purpose of this letter is for the concerned institution to look into the matter and carry out investigations to correct the matter as soon as possible. The individual can not be wrongly charged and therefore once a credit dispute letter is raised the financial institution becomes obliged to carry out an investigation to bring to light the correct factual statements. This is a confidential letter with extremely sensitive information. Do attach a copy of all relevant documents at the end of the letter.


45 Flat

Belvedere Park



The Bank



Subject: Credit Dispute Letter

Respected Sir/ Ma’am

I recently received my credit card statement for the month of May on June 10th. I was shocked to see that I was wrongly charged a huge amount incorrectly. I was charged INR 10,000 at Furniture Shop.

I did purchase a side table from The Furniture Shop on May 20th 2017, at their andheri outlet. However, the bill was of only INR 7,500, a copy of which I possess. According to my credit card statement, I have been charged twice on the same day from the shop. Once of an amount of 7,500 and the next for amount of 10,000.

I would kindly request the concerned authority to look into the matter as soon as possible. The last day of payment for my credit card is 15th June after which I will be fined INR 300 each day extending to the deadline. I would request the bank to suspend the payment of my credit card for the month of June and resume it only once the matter has been resolved.

My account no is 53737 AR 3736/29. It is registered under the name of Raj Singh. Please find attached a copy of my cheque book, bank account number, pan card and driving license. If I am required to produce anymore documents to carry out the further steps then please let me know at the earliest.

My association with your bank has been a long and loyal one. So I am looking forward to a hassle free and quick resolution to this grave matter.  Please feel free to reach out for any other doubts.

Thank you

Raj singh

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