Credit Card Cancellation Letter

Credit Card Cancellation letter


A Credit Card Cancellation Letter is written by a person who does not wish to continue with the services of a credit card which is currently in his or her possession. Through a Credit Card Cancellation Letter, the individual informs the credit card issuer about his or her intention to discontinue the use of the credit card. The cancellation could be due to several reasons, such as bad service, high service charges, or the usage has been fulfilled.

The letter places a formal request for an official cancellation to avoid any further fraudulence and extra service charges. Therefore, the letter should be written in a gentle tone, irrespective of the reason for the cancellation of the card. The writer must request to the issuer to close the account properly and complete all the necessary documentations. For that, the writer must give correct information of the credit card and the date on which the card has to be cancelled.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Credit Card Cancellation Letter.


Mary Stallone

122-Pine Avenue,

Reston, MD 20221,




James Cooper

Credit Card Officer,

American Xpress

2972-Pringle Street,

Washington, VA 29335,


Subject: Cancellation of Credit Card

Dear Mr. James Cooper,

This letter is being written to inform you formally that I am requesting a cancellation of my American Xpress credit card, numbered 99820-29383, with immediate effect, that is, from DD/MM/YYYY.

I would like to state unsatisfactory services as the reason for the cancellation of the credit card. I have experienced certain bad and unacceptable service from your card center recently with respect to my card’s transactions. I am not at all contented with the faulty service I have been provided so far. I had complained about the flawed service and unreasonably high service charge earlier as well. No improvement has been observed. Hence, I have decided to discontinue the use of the card mentioned immediately. Payment to the balance shall be made when this cancellation request will be acknowledged. Kindly disclose to me the final outstanding amount which is to be settled.

With this cancellation letter, I confirm that I have no other American Xpress cards in my possession and no transactions are to be made henceforth on my behalf. For any other information or clarification, I can be contacted on my telephone number 78273827. I can also be reached at my email ID

I am waiting to hear from you quickly to settle the issue.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Stallone

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