Credit Approval Letter

Credit Approval Letter


A Credit approval letter is issued by financial agencies to inform the credit applicant that his credit application is approved.  This credit approval letter also states the credit limit and the billing procedure as well as the credit terms. The approved applicant may start enjoying his credit upon receipt of this credit approval letter.

The credit is usually approved for your pending bills. A bank could also approve to extend the credit of an individual. That increases the monthly spending amount of a client from their previous existing ones. This is dependent on the amount of money the customer has in their bank account, in addition to regularly paying you pending bills along with your spending capacity. Refer to the letter given below to write your own customized credit approval letter-



United Bank of America

1447 Briarwood Road
Anderson, MO 64831


Jon C. Brandy


Falkland Enterprise

732 Green Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612

Dear Mr. Brand

Re: Credit Approval


This is in response to your letter written to your relationship manager, Mr. Bond dated¬†DD/MM/YYYY. The subject of the letter was stated as ‘Credit Approval Letter’ and was a plea application to approve your pending credit letters. The bank is pleased to inform you that after research carried out by your Relationship Manager, Mr. Bond has come to the following conclusion-

The Bank has reviewed your application for credit, and it is our pleasure to notify you that your credit application is now approved for an account opened for your convenience. Your credit limit is approved $50,000 with a 2% interest on the outstanding monthly amount. Billings will be done once a month before the 25th of eh.very month.

Should you require a higher credit limit for any particular transaction, you would have to make a request to the Bank before using your credit. A call will facilitate that request. However, it will take about a month’s time to process the request once again. So the bank requests you to plan your credit approval application and apply for it well in advance.

Please inform us immediately should your credit requirements or contact information change. Thank you for choosing United Bank of America for all your business transaction needs. We look forward to many years of association and hope to serve you as faithfully as always.

In the case of any questions, doubts or queries, feel free to reach out to us again. You can either contact our client services or directly get in touch with Mr. Bond again. Happy to help.

Sincerely yours,

United Bank of America

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