Credit Application Letter


A credit application letter is written by a fellow client to the bank, requesting the bank for information about the credit you hold with the bank. This is a simple yet official letter that can only be accessed by the account holder itself. Therefore, it becomes important to provide all necessary bank details so as to allow the bank to access the correct and relevant information regarding your account.

Start the letter by stating your name and account number. Do not forget to mention the IFSC code in the letter. It is through this that the bank becomes aware that you are referring to that bank in particular. You must also attach some form of photo ID proof, such as a photocopy of your Adhaar card or driving license as proof that the account holder is the one requesting access to their bank credit. Mark the letter as confidential, it can be extremely dangerous for such a letter to fall into the wrong hands.

Sample Letter:


Damini Seth

House no 7

Rosewood houses










Subject: Credit Application Letter

Respected Ma’am,

I, Damini Seth, am writing this letter to gain access to information about my credit in the bank. I have been a customer with HDFC bank for the past five years. Every month I successfully receive information about my credits either via Email or my relationship manager, Mr. Pankaj Kumar calls me with the necessary information. However ever since my relationship manager was changed to Mr. Sharma, which was three months ago, I have received no such information.

I am a privy league customer, and it is extremely disappointing to see that a bank of your reputation would treat their clients in such a way. Why do I pay extra relationship chargers to the bank if I can not get access to basic information? I request the concerned person to look into this matter at the soonest.

My account number is 826220275 under the name of DAMINI SETH. The IFSC code is HDFC927262. I am writing this application to gain access to my credit information of the last three months. That is, DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. I have attached a photocopy of my driving license as well as my PAN card with this letter. For any more information, I request you to write to me at or call me at the given number- 282625282.

I sincerely hope that such a mistake is not repeated from your end in the future.

Thank you

Damini Seth

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