Cover Letter For Promotion


A cover letter is a long, detailed letter compromising of all the relevant information of the particular person regarding his or her candidature for a particular role. A cover letter aims to ‘cover’ all important points about a person. There are various types of cover letters- written to colleges, jobs, institutions, etc. Depending on the place you are writing to, the cover letter varies.

A cover letter for promotion is under consideration in this case. Before promoting an individual an informative letter about the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and work need to be written. It is the proof by which a person is considered and promoted for a particular job. Make it a point to highlight the achievements before sending the letter to the concerned authority. Conclude the letter by adding a short paragraph towards the end where you recommend the candidate for the role the promotion is for.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Cover Letter For Promotion.


Sanaya J.,

Marketing VP,

Office Building 9,




Mrs. Green,

Office Building 9,


Subject: Promotion Cover Letter

Respected Ma’am,

I, Sanaya Jijanya, head of the marketing department of Office personally recommends Aisha Sen for promotion. Aisha currently serves as a marketing associate with the company. However based on her performance in the past year I would like to pen down in this promotion cover letter, the consideration of her application for a marketing manager with the company.

Aisha first joined the company in YYYY. And since her inception, she has been a part of 14 campaigns out of which she was allowed to head the operations and execution of 3 campaigns. Under her, the social outreach of our campaigns reached over 1 million people, making it one of the most successful marketing campaigns of our company.

Aisha is an extraordinary girl with an acute problem-solving acumen. She can filter relevant information and knows exactly how to reach out to the community under consideration for our marketing projects. She works well under pressure and is hard working, seen by how dedicated she is to any project.

Aisha also personally took care of the Pepsi account for our company which garnered us national recognition and also put Office on the map of the most successful start-ups of our time. Given her caliber, I believe Aisha is more than worthy of the post of a marketing manager.

I hope to hone her skills further under my guidance. She surely is an asset to our company, and therefore I would like to recommend her for the position of a marketing manager personally.

Thank you

Sanaya J.

Marketing VP


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