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A court character reference letter serves to justify the character of the client the lawyer is serving. It’s the lawyer’s job to get a character reference letter from the best possible lead, who knows the client in and out and can justify each and every strength and weakness of the client. This is a legal document and therefore must maintain a tone of formality whilst simultaneously bring out the best of the concerned person’s character.

The reference letter should be written in an extremely elaborate way that makes the judge empathize and sympathize with the person in question and gives a deep insight about the personality of the individual. The offence committed, the case proceedings as well as the person from whom the character reference is being obtained must all be carefully taken into consideration while obtaining information about the person. Contact details about the person must also be explicitly mention in case the court wishes to follow up.


House no 8



12th June 2017

District Court

Rajiv chowk


Subject: Character Reference Letter

To Whomsoever it May Concern

I have known the person in question, Mr. Karan Sahani for 7 years now. He has been a colleague of mine for 4 out of those 7 years. In all the time that I have known him, he is the least volatile person I have ever come across. So the sexual harassment case charged against him by Ms. Vineeta Sharma are false.

Karan and I were roommates in college. He has always been a forebringer of change. He fought for reserving seats for women in our college so that they could get an equal chance to compete and bring to light their strength and intelligence. He was also the founder of MARD, which is the anti-harassment squad of Kamal Nehra College.  The entire idea of this squad was to ensure that no harm in any sense, be it emotional or physical come across women not only on our campus but in general as well.

This one time while travelling in the metro with him he witnessed two girls being eve teased. Without once caring about his safety he jumped to their rescue to ensure that the girls were safe. He then dragged these men to the police authorities at the metro station to file an FIR against the men. He then personally took the responsibility to drop these girls home.

Karan is a well-respected man. At the time of this incident I was working late in office and karan was with me throughout. In fact we left office together to go home. There is no way he could have done anything to Ms. Vineeta. I am willing to be his alibi for the same. I request the concerned people to look into this matter at once and come to a fair consensus.

Thank you

Raj Sharma


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