Course Inquiry Letter


A Course Inquiry Letter is written by a prospective student to a university or a college or other educational institutions requesting further information about a particular course that he/she wishes to undertake at that institution. The letter is an inquiry letter. The letter is usually written to request a prospectus from the university. The letter must be written in a clear manner, and it must be written formally. The inquiry letter must be concise.

The letter must mention obvious questions that the writer wishes to receive a response from. The letter must include a request for a description of a course, the course fees associated with it or the job prospects after completing the course. The letter should be written to the admissions department of the college as they are well equipped to answer questions regarding the course. Deadlines for a course may also be enquired to make a quick admissions application.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample Course Inquiry Letter.


Rajesh Koothrappali,


Honduras Bay,


The United States of America.



Sheldon Cooper,

Admissions Officer,

The University of Honduras Bay,

Honduras Bay,


The United States of America.

Subject: Course inquiry letter.

Dear Sir,

I at this moment write this letter to request your information regarding the course of Bachelor of Laws that you offer at your Honduras Bay campus. I wish to receive more information as I wish to complete my application to the university by the end of this month.

I wish to request more information regarding the Bachelor of Laws course and whether or not it is acceptable as a Qualifying Law Degree in the country. I wish to practice as a Solicitor, and therefore, I request you to send me a list of modules that I may refer to, to make a more informed choice.

I also wish to apply for scholarships and bursaries at your university. I would greatly appreciate further information regarding the bursaries that you provide to the students. It will greatly help my financial situation.

It would also be of great convenience if you could mail me a prospectus of the university and its courses along with the information that I have requested in this letter. I wish to make an early admissions application and I, therefore, wish to apply for information regarding the deadlines and the course fees for the YYYY-YYYY academic years.

I request you to send me this information as quickly as possible as I wish to make an informed choice as soon and as thoroughly as possible. Please contact me if you require further information.


Rajesh Koothrappali.

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