Counter Proposal Letter, Sample & Format

Counter Proposal LetterA counter proposal letter can be written by one proposing company to a second company with the purpose of offering a second proposal to the second company for a reconsideration of business collaboration. A counter proposal is usually written when the second company responses with further information as a point of negotiation which the proposing company can adjust its proposal to meet those requirements.


Karl N. Murdock

Sales Manager

Trojan Technology Industry

920 Aaron Smith Drive
York, PA 17404

January 20, 2011


E. R. Bell

Contract Manager

Crème Enterprise

4398 Lucky Duck Drive
Penn Hills, PA 15235

Dear Sir

RE: Counter Proposal of Business Venture

Thank you for your invaluable feedback on our recent proposal to the upgrading of your business systems. Trojan Technology is pleased to revise our earlier proposal to accommodate the several requests you made, as follows, for your further reconsideration of accepting Trojan’s proposal.

Amendments to Proposal:

1.1       Total proposal can be paid accordingly: 50% upon confirmed acceptance of the proposal, 30% upon complete handover and 20% after completion of training & official launching.

1.2       All equipment supplied by Trojan Technology shall enjoy a 5% discount off the retail prices.

Trojan Technology Industry is pleased to make the above amendments. We look forward to receiving your confirmed acceptance of our counter proposal.

Respectfully yours,

Karl N. Murdock

Sales Manager

Trojan Technology Industry

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