Correction Letter


A Correction Letter is written by a person to a receiver with an intention to officially correct a mistake that might have crept in, in work being performed. The letter must be written in a simple and concise manner. The letter is usually a formal letter. Since the letter is being used to correct a mistake of another person, the writer must ensure that the letter is humble enough and must not be derogatory to the receiver.

The letter must be written in a clear manner so as to provide the reader with greater clarity. The letter must be written by the writer in a correct manner, and the letter must be reviewed many times so as to prevent mistakes on the part of the writer. The letter must mention the mistake in a project or assignment and must state that the requisite correctional measures were being taken to resolve the mistake.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample Correction Letter.


Rajesh Koothrappali,

Assistant Professor,

The University of Utopia,




The United Kingdom.



Sheldon Cooper,

Doctoral Candidate,

Department of Management,

The University of Utopia,




The United Kingdom.

Subject: Assignment correction letter.

Dear Mr. Cooper,

I wish to bring to your notice that there was a slight mistake that you have committed in your doctoral dissertation. I wish to humbly guide you towards an effective resolution of this matter.  The description of the Maslow’s Needs Framework was fundamentally incorrect and cannot be used to analyze the data that you wish to analyze in your experiment.

I would suggest that you use a different theory. For Example, the theory of Liquidator’s Assets would be a better explanation, since it would include all of the quantitative variables that are required to solve the equation more effectively. I suggest that you make the clarification as immediately as possible. You may wish to consider other examples if they produce a similar result.

The deadline for dissertation submission is DD/MM/YYYY, and I hope you will be able to complete the dissertation by that time and submit the same to the Office of Examinations. I would also suggest that you kindly go through your dissertations thoroughly so as to ensure that there are no more mistakes in the assignment.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further queries and require clarification.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

Rajesh Koothrappali.


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