Corporate Sponsorship letter

Corporate Sponsorship letter



In many cases, organisations or individuals may require financial assistance from external agents to carry out their plans or events. A Corporate Sponsorship letter can be written by a person or a charitable organization which requires some sponsorship by companies in its upcoming events. A corporate sponsorship letter contains information that allows the company to consider its participation in the requested event through a kind donation or in a physical form.

To acquire sufficient donation, a Corporate Sponsorship letter must be convincing. The sender begins by introducing himself/herself, the organization concerned and then explains their cause and the event to be sponsored. The organization must be convinced of the benefits of your plans as a result of this letter. The sender uses facts and figures or supporting evidence as well as the background information for this purpose. Since the final decision made by the company hugely depends upon the letter, they must be carefully written.


Sample Letter


Art L. Black

The Director

Golden Years Retirement home

1405 Payne Street
Tazewell, VA 24651


Date: 14 April 2017



Upper Cut & Style

1284 Speedy Lane


Subject: Sponsorship for Hair Cuts & Styling

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

When a fellow human being needs a helping hand, it is the responsibility of those capable to lend one. I, Art L. Black, am writing this letter on behalf of the Golden Years Retirement Home, to request you of your generous corporate sponsorship for the purpose of providing hair cuts and styling for the retirees at our home.

The Home has a total of 20 residents, fourteen of them men and the remaining six women. Until now, the volunteers at home have cut their hair. However, though this proved to be efficient, the result was not exactly right as the focus was on convenience rather than style. We recently came up with the idea of hiring one or two hair stylists with the help of an external agent. We kindly request you to donate generously to the cause.

The citizens here have little joy in their lives as it is. We are relatively sure that our plans would cheer them to a large extent. If provided, your help shall never be forgotten and the people here would surely appreciate it. We plan to organize the event on DD/MM/YYYY, in conjunction with the Home’s 15th-anniversary dinner on that same evening. Hence, the residents would like to look good at the dinner which is held in their honor.

We look forward to a quick confirmation from you to help us facilitate the event. If you need further clarifications on this sponsorship, kindly contact the undersigned.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Art L. Black

Director, Golden Years Retirement home

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