Corporate Fundraising Letter


When working in support of a cause, one will often have to compose and send letters to both prospective and existing donors for the purpose of informing them of fundraisers and hence secure sufficient funds. These letters must always be convincing, persuasive and appeal to the reader’s compassionate side. A Corporate Fundraising Letter, as the name suggests, is a letter sent to a corporate company for raising funds to support a cause. These letters need to be much more convincing and persuasive than individual fundraising letters.

In the letter, the sender must always use a ‘you’ approach. The letter must focus on the corporate group it is sent to. Knowledge about the nature of the company and its activities will surely prove to be helpful. Inform the reader of the cause, the impact their donation will create, and if possible, include testimonies and such proof of your activities. The following is a letter written to a corporate company to raise funds to help in organ donation.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Corporate Fundraising Letter.


Emma Carania,

Helping Hand Foundation,

East Wood Park,

New York.



Henri Smith,

Spectre Inc.,

North Wood Park,

New York.

Subject: Fundraising Request

Dear Mr. Smith,

Life is not always easy. It is only with the constant support of family, friends and other well-wishers that a person can hope to go on. Thus, when someone is in need of this support, one must help him/ her to the best of his/her abilities. I am writing this letter to you to request your company for its kind, generous help in Helping Hand Foundation’s organ donation endeavor.

Over the years, the term ‘organ donation’ has become rather common. But, finding a suitable, healthy donor and then paying for the surgery is not something that everyone is capable of. Many people can find donors, but cannot afford to pay for the expenses. This is where the Helping Hand Foundation comes into the picture. We identify and locate suitable donors, and if the person in need is unable to pay for the surgery, we raise sufficient funds.

Your company’s philanthropic activities are well-known, and hence, it is no surprise that your name was one of the first ones to come up while discussing donors. We request you to offer your generous support for the same kindly. We assure you that any help that you offer us will be received with great gratitude and joy. Please do help us and those in need. We hope for a positive reply from your side.

Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Emma Carania,

President, Helping Hand Foundation.


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