Corporate Christmas Letter


A corporate Christmas letter is one that is written by a company to its employees on occasion of Christmas. The letter is written to wish the person and his family joy on this occasion. Christmas is a joyous occasion and is celebrated with greater fervor around the world. It is the day when every person wishes their near and dear ones. While running a company, it becomes kind of binding for them to wish their employees the same.

A corporate Christmas letter is a formal letter written to the employees of a company by a person to wish them joy and happiness on this occasion. It includes wishes of the employer and also some Christmas bonus as per the company’s policy. An employee feels wanted and happy when an employer not only wishes him but also provides him with some bonus. Once through the letter, ensure grammatical correctness of the same.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of corporate Christmas letter.


Devesh Tiwari,

Human Resource Head,

The Great MindsPvt. Ltd.

New Delhi



Sharade Collins,

Assistant Sales Manager,

The Great Minds Pvt. Ltd.

New Delhi

Subject – Corporate Christmas Letter.

Dear Sharade,

Warmest greetings to you in this holiday season. I am writing this letter to wish a very happy and joyous Christmas to you and your family. Christmas is a wonderful season to spend time with your family and gifts them various things that they have always wanted.

This Christmas, our company, The Great Minds Pvt. Ltd. has decided to give a 10% Christmas bonus to its most hard working employees. Luckily, you are one of them. We have been assessing all our employees for a long time. After all the assessment, we have finally shortlisted few of our staff who have done an outstanding performance in the past few months. You are one of them. So, on this joyous occasion of Christmas, we would like to inform you that you not only will receive 10% bonus but also a raise in salary, effective from DD/MM/YYYY. Employees like you are very hard to find, and we hope that you keep performing well in the future too.

We hope you are enjoying your time with your family and that this news will be an added happiness to your Christmas celebrations. Let me also take this letter as an opportunity to wish you a happy new year in advance.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Devesh Tiwari,

Human Resource Head,

The Great Minds. Pvt. Ltd


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