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Sales and marketing letters are the most effective ways and means now a days for a company to promote their new product or services. In the age of internet and technology writing letters give you an edge over others in the market and carves a special place in the minds of the readers. Letter writing adds an element of trust and makes the long-standing customers feel a sense of importance. It is also a good way of attracting new clients and customers. There are many ways through which one can do marketing, but writing letter is the best as it gives a personal touch.

As it is a formal letter, keep the tone of the letter formal and make sure that letter is not too long . Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Give a detailed account of the product or service you’re introducing or launching in the letter. The description should be written in a very attractive manner so that it appeals to the customer and he or she decides to buy or use it. You can also give details of offers or discounts if any that you’re introducing with your product or service.

Sample Letter

The following letter is a sample of a sales and marketing letter.


The right place




Ramesh Gupta

Used club

Subject: Introduction of new restaurant line

Dear Mr. Gupta,

We, The team of the right place, write this letter to introduce our new RCafe in Kota. We are starting a two-floor cafe right in front of the seven wonders park.  We plan to combine food and art together through our plating styles. This summer Kota will be able to taste desserts which it has never seen before which includes waffles, pancakes, churros sandwich, fried ice cream, etc.  We are also bringing a whole range of freak shakes and mocktails. There will be a separate section of health drinks and fruit juices as well.  Our aim is to create a refreshing, inspiring and positive environment where we combine food and art to provide a delightful experience.  Our menu will include Chinese, Italian and Continental. Our motto is to serve all the customers with smile and to make and serve everything with love.

We have employed the best chefs and staff after proper training. As our association has been a long standing one and you have been our most trusted client and also the first to visit all our eating joints so we would like to invite you on the day of opening and also offer you a 15% discount on the first day.  We are keeping a 10% discount for all the customers for one month.

We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time and patience.


Yours sincerely,

Shreshth Collection

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