Photography Copyright Release Letter

Copyright Release Letter Photography


The person who clicks the picture automatically owns the copyright to the image created. A Copyright Release Letter for Photography is a letter written by one party to allow another party the rights to access and use some photographs that belong to the sender. This is a letter responding to a request for permission to use some photographs for another intention or purpose by the recipient.  Additional information about types of use and a through the description of the image are explained in the form.

This release of the liability might be needed by a photo store or the laboratory before the copies of the photos are made. The photographer does not release the copyright of the photographs at that moment. He or she still retains the ownership of the copyright but gives the license to the clients to copy the photographs. A photo copyright release form is not yet standardized, photographers create their document, then have it notarized or approved by an attorney. The below-mentioned sample letter will help you write an effective letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample Copyright Release Letter Photography


Elizabeth G. Ross

1753 Spinnaker Lane
Madison, IL 53704



Melissa R. Schick

2039 Mercer Street
Wausau, WI 54401

Subject: Copyright Release letter

Dear Ms. Schick

Thank you for writing in to request permission to use some of my photographs for your intended purpose.

I am agreeable to your request as I am pleased that others like you share my same concern over the abuse of children, not only in this nation and all over the world. I shall be delighted if you would use the child abuse photos to promote the awareness of child abuse and to combat its resurgence in all places, starting at our home front.

No royalty charges will be imposed on you for the mentioned photographs. I release all copyrights on the photographs that you have requested if you were to use them not for profit in any way.

Thank you for caring for abused children. They need a voice to help them.

Yours Sincerely,

Elizabeth G. Ross

Human Rights Photographer

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