Copy of Resignation Letter, Sample & Format

Copy of Resignation LetterA copy of resignation letter is a second copy of the written resignation letter which may be submitted to the immediate boss while the first copy or the original is submitted to the Management of the company by the employee who intends to resign. This second copy submission is a sign of respect to the immediate superior who is informed of the intended resignation at the same time as the management.


Frank D. Williams

HR Director

Golden Arches Industry
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Copy to: Mr. Benny Lambert

Sales Manager

February 13, 2011


Marcus Wayne

Sales Executive

Dear Sirs

RE: Resignation letter

This letter refers to my intention to resign from the post of Sales Executive at Golden Arches Industry as of February 20, 2011. I am writing copying this letter to my superior, Mr. Benny Lambert, for his information.

I regret that after three years of service with Golden Arches Industry, I have to inform you of my decision to make a career move at this point in time. I shall be going into the education sector to convey my knowledge and work experience in training up the younger generation for the workforce.

Thank you for your kind support and mentoring during my tenure here. I wish you at Golden Arches Industry all the best in your future undertakings.

Yours sincerely,


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