Contribution Letter

Contribution Letter


A contribution letter can be written by any individual or company who wants to make a contribution of some kind to another individual or charitable organization. A contribution letter is a donation which is in the form of a contribution to help a project or an event work. A donation can be made to various places like a non-profit event or a project affecting the environment in a good way or for the building of a nursing home or orphanage or a child’s care. Either way, The contribution has to be made along with the letter so that the sender knows what was the purpose of you making the contribution and if he should look forward to such contributions in the future or not.  It may be written to express the sender’s desire to assist in some manner to ease the burden of the need for another individual or charitable organization.

This is supposed to be a formal letter, but it is fine even if it includes some informal terms. Mention why you are making this contribution, and since you are making a contribution, it is totally normal for you to mention what you hope for the receiver to do with the contributed money. Be polite and write the letter in the correct format.

Sample Letter:


Jennifer W. Lively

Social Welfare Coordinator

Megabucks Corporation

2134 Heavens Way
Tampa, FL 33614



Robert J. Garcia

Green Homes

3108 Romines Mill Road
Dallas, TX 75204

Dear Sir

Re: Contribution to Green Homes

On behalf of Megabucks Corporation, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that our company is making a contribution of $1000.00 towards your ‘Green the Earth’ campaign by Green Homes.

Megabucks Corporation is very active on such green projects as we believe that we should contribute back to planet Earth positively as we draw its resources. Hence, we are proud to be associated with Green Homes in its effort to green the Earth with its upcoming campaign. It is part of Megabucks Corporation’s corporate social responsibility towards the planet and the community.

We wish Green Homes every success in its green campaign, and we look forward to more opportunities to work together for the benefit of preserving Mother Nature’s best for our next generation.


Yours truly,

Jennifer W. Lively

Social Welfare Coordinator

Megabucks Corporation

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