Construction Company Introduction letter, Sample & Format

Construction Company Introduction letterA Construction Company introduction letter is written by a construction company to its potential customers, introducing itself on its goods and services. It may be a new company or new branch which does not have very strong market presence; an introduction letter will help the business community to identify and liaise with the company for business.


Martin Spears

Managing Director

Carlson Construction Enterprise

443 Spiral Lane
San Diego, CA 98833

January 20, 2011


Roger B. McCloud

Wheels Precision Tools

425 Long Street
Gainesville, FL 32607

Dear Sir

RE: Introducing Carlson Construction Enterprise

Allow me to introduce a ‘new kid on the block’ – Carlson Construction Enterprise.

We are a construction company that has been established all over the western part of American and we are pleased to make our presence at this part of the country. There will be more Carlson Construction stores set up around this region as Carlson Construction aims to assist in providing stylish and comfortable homes to the community.

As such, Carlson Construction would welcome any business collaboration with your esteemed company as we work hand in hand to grow our businesses together. We would welcome good proposals of your goods and services as we offer the same to you. We can also assist in home or office renovations to your esteemed clients should there be a need for expert consultations on such tasks.

We look forward to a successful partnership with you.


Martin Spears

Managing Director

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