Congratulations Wedding Letter


A wedding congratulations letter is a way to congratulate and send your best wishes to a newly wedded couple. It’s usually written when you missed the wedding due to some or the other reason. As it a happy occasion, the letter should exude warmth, love, affection, and happiness. It should make the reader glad and happy to receive it. Sending a gift along with a Letter will make the person happier. As it is a very personal messages, keep it short and sweet.

The letter should be written in a warm and humble language. Don’t make the letter very long. Keep it friendly and straightforward. Make sure you send your love and best wishes to the couple. You can also ask details regarding the wedding, ask the couple to email you pictures of the all the functions. In the letter, express regret for not being able to make it on their big day. You can also promise to make it up to the couple by visiting them in the future.

Sample Letter:


Mr. Harsh Celly

37 Ram Street






Lalith Sharma



My dear Lalith,

I can’t express in words the happiness I felt when I heard the news of your marriage. I sincerely regret not being able to attend the wedding with Pooja on Monday, DD/MM/YYYY. Even though I could not come, I am sending you all my love and best wishes for a blissful and happy married life. I sincerely hope and pray that the love between you and your wife grows manifold with each passing day and you experience joy and happiness forever.

As we have been best friends since forever, I know you wanted me to be there for the wedding, and I wanted the same, but due to many circumstances, I will not be able to attend it. As it is the most important day in your life, I wish you nothing but the best today and forever. I also offer my sincere apologies for not being there by your side on this important day. But remember you are very dear to me and will always be.

I wish you both the happiest life together. May God shower his blessings on both of you always. Wish you a lifetime of togetherness and love.

I will come to meet you soon. Lots of love and happiness your way.

Yours Affectionately,


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