Congratulations Scholarship Letter


A Congratulation letter is written to appreciate someone on his or her success. This letter can be written to your colleague or friend or child. Through this letter, you can express your happiness to the recipient or you can say how much pride feeling you are having for his or her success. This letter can make the recipient more happy for his or her success and can improve their confidence in moving forward.

In this context, it is a Congratulations letter for scholarship. Hence the recipient of the letter is a student. Generally, an institution head or a parent to the recipient or a friend will write this letter. It is written to congratulate the recipient for his excellent performance in his or her study career. As everyone wants their success to be recognized this letter can make them feel happy and special. In the end, mention that you feel proud of his or her success.

Sample Congratulations Scholarship Letter:


Srinivasa Rao,

5-e, Sudha Residency,

KPHB Colony,





Room no:102,

Boys Hostel,

North Gate,

VNIT, Nagpur.

Dear Nikhil,

How are you, my son? We are fine here and hope the same from you. How is your hostel life? Is everything alright in the hostel? If you are facing any issues do communicate with hostel warden, if not let me know I am always there for you.

How are your studies? I came to know from your institution head that you were awarded a scholarship for your best performance in the curriculum. So I want to congratulate you for your success. Hence I am writing this letter after I heard the news. Every time you surprise me with some incident: in tenth class the marks you got, after intermediate seat in a reputed NIT and now a scholarship in the very first year of your UG. As a father, all these made me so happy. The discipline and dedication you have in your career are too good and appreciatable. I want you to remember that I am proud of you no matter what you do and where you are. Your mother wants to see you as it has been a while. So come as soon as possible. Your sister conveyed her wishes to you. Keep going like this in your career son. Do not forget to eat and sleep on time. Take care, my son. Hope to see you soon.

With Love,


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