Congratulations Promotion Letter

Congratulations Promotion Letter


Upon promotion of a friend or colleague, it is considered courteous to congratulate them. This can be done in person or through a letter as well. When you choose to write them a letter to congratulate them on their promotion, you must keep certain things in mind.

This can be either an informal or a formal letter. An informal one is written when someone close to you has been promoted. A formal one is written to congratulate someone who isn’t so close to you or is a colleague of yours. Either way, do wish them the best. Highlight all their efforts and what they have done or how they have contributed to the growth of the company in the past. Praise them for their efforts and wish them the best for all that they decide to undertake in the future. Refer to the sample given below to customize your letter:



Terri R. Cox

192 John Avenue
Springport, MI 49284

January 23, 2011


Janet D. Mathews

1913 Roosevelt Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Dear Janet

RE: Congratulations on your Promotion


I recently heard the good news about your promotion from an associate to a manager Arun. You have been promoted to be the new Group Financial Officer of your company, the highly reputable Superior Solutions Corporation. This is some commendable work I must say. In only two years of your time with this endeavor, you have risen to such an important post. It is rare, and only a few can achieve what you have in such a short period.

Congratulations! This is some feat you have achieved. I know you have worked very hard to be recognized for this position, after two years at the company. Kudos to you! You deserve this promotion. I am so happy for you as a friend and colleague.

However, with power comes responsibility. As good as this post is you must remember that there most definitely will be But there lots of challenges in store for you. You will have to put in more hours at the office. Maybe even work when you reach home. This, I am speaking from experience. So as your friend, I am more than willing to help you out. The first few months can be tough, but after that, you learn how to adjust to this life. Do Take care of yourself and do your best. I know you can do the job.

Nevertheless, let us find some time to celebrate your promotion. Call me when you are free. Maybe we can go out for a couple of drinks or dinner to someplace nice.

Your pal,


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