Congratulations Letter, Sample & Format

Congratulations LetterA Congratulations letter is written to express your happiness on the good fortune or success of the recipient of this letter. It can be written in a light hearted manner if between friends and family, or it can be a little bit more courteous in the business environment. Further well wishes and good words are included in this form of a letter.


Kirby Y. Bearden

41 Adamsville Road
Laredo, TX 78040

February 27, 2010.


Margaret E. Bearden

3834 Willow Greene Drive
Linden, AL 36748

Dear Margie

RE: Congratulations on your Promotion

It is certainly great news to hear of your recent promotion from Junior Designer to Chief Designer at the prestigious Moore’s Fashion, in such a short span of time. As your dad, I am so proud of you; your achievement is a reflection of your determination, confidence, and creativity to bring out the best of yourself. I already knew that you were destined for success at an early age.

Nevertheless, do take good care of your health as you work your best. I believe in you and your talent in fashion and design. Mom and I are so proud and happy for you. We hope to celebrate your success when you are back for a visit.

Yours lovingly,


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