Congratulations Letter To A Friend


A congratulations letter is a letter that is solely congratulatory in nature. It must be as warm as possible. As this letter is written to a friend, there is no need to be too formal. Infact, a non-formal approach is most encouraged. This letter need not be short and precise, it can be as long as one wishes to make it. A congratulations letter must be exceptionally appreciative of the reader. It seeks to make the reader feel very good about themselves.

A congratulations letter can be written in a lot of events, for getting a job or promotion in the same, for getting engaged or married to someone or perhaps for the birth of a  child, for buying of a new house and other varied happy reasons. This letter entails only good things that releases the dopamine chemical in the mind of the reader.


Given below is the sample of a congratulations letter that might be of help:



45 mayfair road



Kamal Mal

4 Ringroad


Subject: With regard to congratulations on the birth of your first child

Dear Kamal,

I hope this letter finds you in the pink of your health. It gives me immense pleasure to hear about the birth of your first child. This baby boy will bring so much of happiness in your life. You will not realise it now but this boy will make everything alright. I promise whenever you are very stressed and just for once whenever you look at this child of yours, all your difficulties will vanish. Your life will seem simpler as if the world is lined up like a blanket under your feet. I do not know what will you name this little precious gem but i do know that he is also so lucky that he has been blessed to get you as his father.

I know at this point of life, you must have a lot of doubts about your being a good father but kamal I promise, I know you since we were kids, you will be the most adorable dad. Your son will look up to you in every situation and everything shall turn in your favour. You will give him all the glories of life, more than a father you will be his friend. I wish you all the best Kamal.

Yours lovingly


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