Congratulations letter on Promotion


A Congratulations letter on promotion is a letter written by an employer or any person to a person who has got a promotion in their working department. The letter can be written to people in any job positions or a student also who is being promoted to a higher standard or a higher degree. The 1st paragraph of the letter must contain the reason for you, writing a letter like this and while you congratulate the person make sure that you won’t go beyond the standards. If you are just going on praising the person in the letter, then they would doubt your sincerity of the wishes, so it is better to make the letter simple.

There are some things that you can mention in your letter of congratulations which includes writing your positive feelings about the promotion which your colleague or whom so ever has got. Also mentioning the source by which you got to know the news will also be good. Before concluding the letter do not forget to congratulate the person because after all, you are writing the letter for that purpose.

Sample Letter


Rhea P. Smith,

Silver Lining Consulting,

1525 College View,

Hamel, IL 62046.

February 3, 2011


Ana R. Bothwell,

Vice President,

Barclay Bank,

4739 Boone Street,

Corpus Christi, TX 7847

Dear Ms. Bothwell,

Subject: Congratulations on your Promotion

Hope this letter reaches to you at the best of your wealth.

This letter is written to congratulate you on your achievement that you managed to get recently. Please accept our heartiest congratulations on your recent promotion to Vice President of Barclay Bank, the US from all of us here at Silver Lining Consulting. Your rise from Miami Branch Manager of Barclay Bank to Vice President of the Barclay Bank Group in the US is an amazing feat and well respected.

I must say that the way in which you finish off your work always made me wonder about how well you do it every time. I thought to say it on your face so many times, but to be honest, my ego didn’t allow me to do so. So in this letter, I am confessing the fact that you are a great person who can achieve more heights in your career by your style of finishing off of any work that is being assigned to you.

As you may be relocating to New York soon, allow us at Silver Lining Consulting to thank you for the great support that you have shown to us in our past business dealings that enabled our company to have such good standing with the business community.

I do hope that our work collaborations will continue as successfully as before, if not more. I do wish you all the best in your future undertakings and may our paths cross again for further business collaborations. If you need any help on any matters whether it be business or something else, you can please contact me. Do not hesitate in doing so. Hope to get in contact with you at the earliest.

Congratulations, again!


Rhea P. Smith

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