Congratulations letter on Achievement

Congratulations letter on Achievement


A congratulations letter on achievement can be written by an individual, a company to another, or the management of a company to their employee. This letter is written so as to congratulate someone for their achievement. This letter usually appreciates the receiver of the letter for all their effort which has helped them achieve a goal.  The letter is usually a great way to strengthen relationships between people.

A congratulations letter on achievement can be written either formally or informally depending on the relationship between the sender and the receiver, but in most cases, it is usually written informally as an informal letter lets a person express their feelings in a better manner. The letter should have a cheerful and positive undertone to it as it involves sending a happy message to the receiver. Handwritten congratulations letters are appreciated more as it makes people feel more special and proud of their achievement.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Congratulations letter on Achievement


Michaels & Associates

2978 Modoc Alley
Boise, ID 83702



Young & Ernst Accounting

558 Hardesty Street
Albany, NY 122

Dear Highly Esteemed Associate

Subject: Heartiest Congratulations

It is our joy to offer you our heartiest congratulations on your successful listing on the New York Stock Exchange last Friday. A listing on the New York Stock Exchange is not a very easy achievement, and it is only managed by a few. Congratulations on achieving this feat!

This is indeed a great achievement for Young & Ernst Accounting Company as you are barely four years in the market, but your presence is undeniably strong. You do make your presence felt. Your achievement on the stock listing is quite a feat which very few companies dare to boast. It is our honor to be associated with Young & Ernst and to share this joyous moment with you. We are extremely impressed and are proud of being associated with Young & Ernst Accounting Company. Not only do we want to congratulate the entire company but we would also like to congratulate the hard work of the particular team which has made this happen. As a token of appreciation, we would like to host a gala event in their honor and would like to reward them. We’ll get back to you with another email regarding the details of the event.

We wish Young & Ernst the best and further success as you move forward this year and in the future. We look forward to fostering stronger business collaboration for the year. We hope that our partnership remains for long and we continue to celebrate more such success in the future together.

Once again we would like to congratulate everyone at Young & Ernst.

Yours Sincerely

Michaels & Associates

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