Congratulations Achievement Letter

Congratulations Achievement Letter


A Congratulations Achievement letter can refer to many situations of success experienced by an individual. It could be written in the business circle where one employee has received an outstanding award in business or in the academics where a student has performed excellently to be nominated for an award. It is a letter offering congratulations to the achiever. Such a letter is written to appreciate the efforts of a person in his or her professional or academic field. Such a letter is a kind and adorable gesture and should be given as soon as the news of the achievement is released.

This letter can be informal and personal as well as formal. One can use casual language. The motive behind the letter must be positive, and the letter must be written to encourage the person to achieve even greater heights. It also encourages others to work harder and accomplish new things in life. You can also mention any incentive that you wish to give them as a reward. This is especially important in a firm or a business company as it serves as an inspiration to other workers to achieve the same. The letter should be brief and precise. It should acknowledge the efforts of the person in a positive way. The letter should be able to convey the message of appreciation. The language should be easy to understand. Use our sample given below to write the letter.



Earl Stiller

Group Director

Central Business Group

12093 Stonewall Street
Toledo, OH 43607



Raymond C. Butler

Branch Manager

Brooklyn Branch

Central Business Group

3334 Alfred Drive
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Dear Raymond

RE: Heartiest Congratulations

It is with great joy to write this congratulatory message to you on your exceptional achievement of attaining the best employee of the year standing in the Central Business Group. This is a coveted award for all Central Business Group employees.

Your diligence and high responsibility in work have propelled your branch to exceed the year’s target for YYYY and stands above the other branches. You have highly motivated your team to achieve this success without exceeding any budget. The Group management is proud of your efforts and achievement.

You shall be receiving the ‘Best Employee’ award later at the company annual dinner which comes with a monetary gift of $5000.

The management looks forward to your continued excellent performance in this New Year.


Earl Stiller

Group Director

Central Business Group

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