Congratulation Wedding Letter


Weddings are events of joyous celebrations. When two people are tying the knot which is supposed to be a sacred bond, they have plenty of mixed feelings about a new life. Besides all the doubts that maybe in the minds of the couple with regards to a new life, the enthusiasm can not be beaten. We as humans have a tendency to look forward to every new thing that is supposed to happen in our lives. Hence a congratulations letter must be thrilling and must be able to bring in lots of hopes and expectations in the hearts of the readers.

A wedding congratulations letter must be very warm and pleasant to read and preferably that is capable of bringing an instant smile on the face of the readers. It must not be too long and the content is usually the same in both a formal and informal letter.


Given below is the sample letter of a wedding congratulations letter that might be of use:


Devika Prasad

7B kiran shankar roy  road

Kolkata 700001


Madhumita Misra

Prasad Exotica

Navi Mumbai


Subject: Congratulations on your wedding


Dear Madhumita,

I hope my letter finds you in the pink of your health. It gives me immense pleasure to call you a married woman now. I almost cannot believe that we used to play together when we were kids, and now you are married. Time flew so swiftly that I couldn’t realise that we have grown up. I know Priyanshu takes care of you a lot and that he loves you so much. I’m so glad that the two of you met each other and have decided to tie your knots. You are lucky to have found each other.

The wedding I must say was mesmerizing. I almost had tears in my eyes when the two of you put garlands around each other’s neck. It was such a perfect moment; I am short of words to explain. I wish the two of you a very happy married life. I wish for the two of you to have an ocean of understanding between each other. I wish the two of you luck and all the glories. May God bestow upon you everything that is good and fulfilling. Remember that marriage requires patience and hard work to make it all work, It is supposed to be your masterpiece.

Yours lovingly


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