Congratulation Letter on Birth of a Child


The birth of a baby in any family is marked by endless celebrations and happiness. In some countries, especially India, it is also considered to be an auspicious occasion. So it is only fair that the family and the mother who has given birth to the child is greeted with lots of love and wishes from all around.

One way to convey your regards is by writing the family a congratulatory letter. The good thing about these letters is that they allow you to be as informal as you would like. You can keep it as long and even use the informal words if you would like. No strict format needs to be followed but simply an extension of words that only convey the best to the happy family. It is often considered polite as well for the writer to ask for pictures of the new born baby.




House no 8

Kuzart Lane, opp sunny marg

New Delhi-123456



The Sharmas

House no 9

Kuzart Lane, opp sunny marg

New Delhi-123456

Subject: Best wishes on birth of child

Dearest Anjali and Family,

Rahul just told me the good news! I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and wishes.

Oh Anjali, I can not tell you how happy Iam hearing the good news.  I can not wait to meet newly born baby Aradhana. We have grown up together, and it feels like only yesterday that we would all sit and discuss our future together. I remember how you would jump with glee every time someone would mention starting a family.

You may not have any prior practice, but I am sure that you will make a great mother. You are already so caring and kind, always looking after everybody. This is a new chapter in your life, one in which I will be there for you. Please do not hesitate in reaching out to me for anything and everything. Even if it is at 2 am, in the middle of the night. I have given birth to two boys; I am sure baby Aradhna will be nothing compared to them.

So Anjali, I welcome you to the joy of motherhood. You are going to love every bit of it. There will a few hardships, but none of it compares to all the beautiful memories you will be making. Lots of love to you and Rahul



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