Confirming Attendance Letter


An attendance confirmation letter is a letter which is written by an authoritative department to the person whose attendance is being calculated or vice versa, for confirming one’s presence for a particular event. This kind of letter emphasizes or stresses upon the presence of an individual.

An attendance confirmation letter is essential for documentation purposes. It is one of the required processes of keeping a track of attendances by schools or businesses. In case of school, this letter is given to students by teachers and in case of a workplace, the employer gives it to employees. This letter is a means of settling the disputes and grievances relating to the attendance of individuals.


Given below is a sample of an attendance confirmation letter that might come in handy:


S. Bajoria

Senior Vice President

Council of Cricket Club




Surendranath Thakur


Cricket Team


15th July, 2017

Subject: Attendance Confirmation

Dear Surendranath,

This is to bring to your notice that your request of giving you an attendance confirmation letter has been recognized by the Council of Cricket Association, Atghara. With regard to your exceedingly impressive performance in cricket both as a batsman and a keeper, it is the unanimous decision of the council that henceforth every month, you will be getting a three-day extra holiday from practice hence making your compulsory attendance days from 26 to 23. It is also brought to your notice that it is absolutely up to your discretion as to whether to exercise this advantage or not. The council also appreciates how you have not missed any day of practice in last 3 years.

Also, further on we would be sending attendance letters to every student of this association to bring to their notice as to the number of days of their presence because of increasing cases of indiscipline among students. We are looking forward to cooperation from students in this matter. Circulate the same notice to all your batch mates. These letters will have to be shown to their guardians and have to be submitted to any coach of the department after being signed by the guardian of the students.


For cricket Association

S. Bajoria.

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