Confirmation Of Appointment Letter


A confirmation of appointment letter is one such letter that is sent either to seek an appointment to set up a meeting or maybe as a positive or a negative reply for the same as mentioned above. This kind of letter is usually supposed to be crisp and short. It is one way to be heard and eventually get a chance to showcase both your knowledge and skills. Such a letter has to be addressed to the appropriate forum.

This appointment letter should be precise and needs to be short. Also, a formal format needs to be maintained even if it is written by someone who has been seeking an appointment. There should be an explicit mention of the date and time when the appointment is set. Make sure the length of the letter is not too long as you strictly do not want to bore the reader and make him or her  lose interest.


Given below is a sample letter of an Appointment Confirmation Letter that might be of help:


Pankaj Binani

Four kyd street




Sweta Ginodia

11 Mayfair Road



Subject: Appointment Confirmation Letter.


Dear Sweta,

This is to bring to your notice that it is a reply to your letter that you had sent into VYC Pvt. Ltd. regarding setting up an appointment for your job purposes. You are supposed to see our manager on the DD/MM/YYYY at 10am sharp. Please be there in formal attire as we follow a strict formal dress code in this office since we firmly believe that an office should look like a working environment and uniformity and discipline should be maintained.

Also, make sure you carry all the documents that are essential related to your identity proof, namely, AADHAR card, PAN Card and your driving license(if any). If you are appointed as an employee at this workplace, you will have to sign a bond, and that will be totally on your merit, and no kind of nepotism or bias would be encouraged here.  Make sure you arrive on time for the interview because the manager is punctual and do not allow late comers and has his meetings lined up after the interview.

Yours sincerely

Pankaj Binani

Personal Assistant to the Manager.




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