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There are several instances where official documents can not be collected by individuals in whose name the document is. This could be due to several reasons like inability to come due to old age; the person may not be in town, the person may be sick, etc

However, it becomes necessary to collect the documents on the date mentioned. So in such cases when the concerned person can not go ahead and collect the documents, they have the option of asking someone else to collect it on their behalf. It must be noted that this is not possible for all documents, but only some. The other person can collect the document on behalf of the company only when the person whose name the document is in authorizes this action. It can be done in writing through a letter. The name of the person who is expected to collect the letter should be mentioned along with their signature and identity proof.



PDS School

Sec 45




R. Sharma

Green Road

House 8


Subject: Authorization to collect Document

To whom so ever it may concern,

I, Rita Sharma pursued my primary and secondary education from Public Delhi School Gurgaon. I am a batch of YYYY pass out and enrolled in this school in YYYY.

According to the school guidelines, each student is required to submit a sum of INR 5000 in the form of a security deposit at the time of admission of the student. In the case of any damages inflicted on school property by the student, the cost of the same will be deducted from this security deposit.

Sir, I would like to inform you that I have received my clearance certificate from the administration department, meaning that I have been given a clearance slip which states that there have been no damages caused by me which allow me to collect my security deposit in full.

The date of collection for me is defined as DD/MM/YYYY. However, I will not be able to collect the security deposit as I will be traveling on the designated date.

So I allow, ms. Reema Sharma, my mother to collect the sum on my behalf.

I formally give ms. Reema Sharma to collect the security deposit of sum 5000 rupees only from PDS School on the DD/MM/YYYY at 10:00 am on my behalf. My enrollment number is 28333.

Please find my adhaar card along with my signature attached below.

Thank you

Rita Sharma

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