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A condolence letter is a letter to calm a person on someone’s death. One can either sympathize or empathize by way of this letter. Loss of a living being is excruciating. No matter how much ever one tries, the pain will fade only with time especially when that one person was too close to someone. No words of wisdom can knock sense into them; they continue to feel devastated. Loss of a loved one is the most depressing mishappening of a person’s life.

This letter is ideally supposed to be written by ones who are necessarily close to one another. There is no particular format to write this sort of letter except for when it is written strictly for formal purposes. Try sticking to a short and precise version of this sort of letter. Use of lucid language is recommended so that it is easier to convey your message to the reader.

Sample :

Given below is the sample of a condolence letter that might be of help:


Priyam Shah

4 Wood street




Sundarlal Dwivedi

Fox street

New Delhi


Subject: Condolence letter


Dear Sundarlal,

I hope that my letter finds you in the pink of health, although I know in these circumstances it does not seem to be a very fitting statement. Sometimes life can be so unfair, what is the most saddening is the fact that no matter how much we try we can never really get over the loss of the person whom we have loved and lost. No matter how much ever we try, a part of us dies when they go away. We sure miss all the times that we had spent with them, but nonetheless, we cannot get them back. We hang onto those memories for which we remain glad eternally. My concern in writing this letter to you is to make sure that you accept the truth and start living by it. I heard from my mother that you were not ready to accept the truth, but the truth is spoken, whats happened cannot be undone.

Please dear, take care of yourself. Grieve the loss of your mother because you are allowed to. You need to. I have booked my tickets, and I will soon be there by your side, but till then you have to hold tight to your ground. You are a brave heart, and I am sure you will get through this.

Yours Lovingly


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