Condolence Letter To Colleague


A condolence letter is a letter written to your friend or closed ones or your colleague at their bad time. It is written to console them at their worst period. It is written to show some compassion on the recipient for his or her loss. The loss may be materialistic or person loss. With this letter, you can make the recipient feel that he or she is not alone and you can give some comfort to the recipient.

In this context, the letter is written to your colleague. A colleague is someone who works with you in the same office or company or industry. When your colleague is in grief, you can comfort him by writing this letter. If he or she lost a loved person, you could mention that you will always be with him/her. If he or she lost the current job, you can state you would help in any way. In the end, always mention you will always be there for him or her.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Condolence Letter To Colleague.



8-g, Radha Colony,






5-r, Zira Residency,



Subject: Condolences

Dear Anvesh,

How are you? I came to know that your mother passed away last week. Sorry that I was not able to attend the funeral as you know that I went to Bangalore to office work. So I am writing this letter to express my deepest condolences for your loss. I know how much you love your mother. You always used to say how much your mother struggled to give a wonderful life to you. Not only that I came to your house more than ten times, every time your mother treated me like her another son. It is a loss for me also. I remember how she used to take care of you at home. I felt very happy that you have such a wonderful mother. But I never thought that you would face this situation. It is a great loss for you.

I want you to know that I am always there for you no matter how hard the situations are. I know no one can replace your mother’s place. So I suggest you come to my house after all the formalities have been done there, so that you can come out of the lonely feeling that you are having now. And do not worry about the work in the office I will look after all the things that you have to do. And I am sorry for not being there with you.

Yours friendly,




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