Condolence Letter Death


Condolence is the expression of sympathy; it is the feelings and perceptions to understand things and react to it accordingly. It is the feeling which shows that the person is sorry for the trouble and misfortune caused to the other person.

Writing a condolence letter of death may not sound good, but sometimes a letter does it all. It expresses the feelings of the sender, and the word tries to soothe and heal the pain of the receiver. Sometimes a condolence letter of death gives moral support to the receiver and makes them feel that there is someone to take care and that they are not lonely. Take a look at this sample letter of condolence letter death to have an insight idea for writing a letter on your own.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter for Condolence Letter Death.


Penthouse Apartment,

Flat No.- 95

Street No.- EL259,

 Fuji Street, Westeria Orlando.



Ms. Maria Capario

T -96 ,Wisteria

Ankaous Apartment, Flat No- 45,

Hayat Road, Orlando.

Dearest Mariee,

It was really very heart breaking to hear the demise of your beloved grandpa. He was one of the most genuine and sweetest soul on this earth I have ever known, a best friend who accompanied everywhere and encouraged us, also a best guide who never let us go down in any circumstances. He always made me feel like a part of your family. I know he was the soul of your family and the only one you had in your life. I pray for the sweet soul, may he rest in peace.

Though this may sound rude to you, the one who is born has to go someday, this the fact of our life and the phase everyone has to face so it is better to accept this. Be happy that he passed peacefully without any pain and sufferings just as he had wished. Recall and cherish those happy moments spent with him.

I do understand that words cannot heal the pain and mental trauma which you are going through right now but believe me time is the best healer. I want you to know that grandpa made me promise to never leave you alone and I’ll keep his promise till the sun loses his power.  My love and support are always for you.

I will be visiting you very soon. Till then take care, eat well and sleep well.

Love you and miss you.



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