Compliment Letter


A Compliment letter is written to express good words to another who has performed outstandingly on a task. It could be a letter written by the management to an employee for his/her good work performance, or it could be from any individual to another to acknowledge the good work performed in some area. In the letter, you should mention the reason for complimenting the person. If the employee has achieved his targets then give the details. It can be written to a student who has secured good marks and an excellent result.

As it is a formal letter, keep the tone of the letter formal and clear. It can be written to appreciate a person in any field for his or her hard work. Through the language and tone of the letter, the recipient should feel that you’re genuinely appreciating him or her.  Don’t make the letter too long or emotional.  Make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the letter.

Sample Letter:


Mark Anthony


Silver Dollars Enterprise

Lakewood, GA 30513





Jamie Walton

Sales Manager

Silver Dollars Enterprise

Lakewood, GA 30513


Dear Jamie,

RE: Well done!

It gives me great pleasure to note that the company has fine staff like yourself who has performed outstandingly in the past three-quarters of this year. It is the management’s delight that your commitment towards your responsibility has brought success to the company in generating sales that meet the whole year’s target in just these three-quarters.

Hence, on behalf of the management of Silver Dollars Enterprise, I am extending to you our compliments on your outstanding performance in this company. It is rare in our company history to have our year’s target met before the end of the year, and you did it within three-quarters.

The management is pleased to note your excellent work performance and acknowledges your hard work. We are extremely proud of you and as a token of appreciation would like to gift you a weekend holiday package to the silver beach resort. Hope you enjoy there and rerun with double the energy to break more such records of the company.

Nevertheless, we must not be complacent or comfortable with the success of today. Thus, I would like to urge you to continue with your excellent work attitude to bring the company to a greater height and be a good employee model to the others.

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Mark Anthony


Silver Dollars Enterprise

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