Complaint Letter

Complaint LetterIntroduction:

A Complaint letter is written to inform the provider of a service or product some dissatisfaction felt or experienced with regards to the vendor’s service or product. It is also written to seek an apology or recompense on the bad experience. Details of the dissatisfaction should be provided to enable the provider to take appropriate action.Sometimes you acquire the services or products of some company, and it does not live up to your expectations. When you write an effective, compliant letter, you may not know that an effective letter can solve the problem and also provide you a compensation that you may not have even expected. Keep in mind that writing a short and to the point, the letter can be tough but is certainly possible with considering some important points.

The first paragraph of the complaint letter should provide the addressee the information in detail related to the product or service taken. Mention the exact date and location of the letter. The second paragraph should include the reason for the complaint and also request a proper investigation for the same to solve the problem. In the last paragraph, ask the reader to check the enclosed documents as evidence of the issue and also your contact details. Make certain to close the letter with courteous salutation even if you are unsatisfied with the product or service.

Sample Letters:


Henry Mayor

117 Floral Point
Memphis, MS 31764



Customer Service Manager

Oriental Carpets

102 Maple Drive
Alexander City, AL 32710

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Complaint against the Poor Product Quality

I am writing to complain about the carpet which I bought from your store last month. It is a 200cm x 160cm oriental piece with product code, OC8930.

After a couple of weeks of usage, I noticed that the carpet colors began to fade. I have not washed the carpet till now; neither have I sprayed any liquid nor powder on the carpet to clean it. It was laid out in the study room to give a soft comfort for my children while they are studying inside.

I am appalled at the poor quality of the carpet. I dread to think how soon before I am left with a plain colored carpet which was bought with an expensive price tag. Attached is the purchase receipt and a photograph for your reference. I would appreciate if you look into this matter and direct the relevant person to resolve this problem. The copies of the receipt, credit card statement and warranties are also attached for your financial perusal. You can contact me at 675-981-265 in the case of any reservations.

I hope that you will look into this matter and resolve it quickly. I shall be awaiting your prompt response to my complaint. I would be grateful if you investigate properly and resolve this issue.

Yours sincerely,

Henry Mayor

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