Complaint Letter To Higher Authorities


A complaint letter to higher authorities is a letter written to express one’s complaint or dissatisfaction. It is addressed to a higher authority, such as a court official or someone of equivalent status. This is a very important letter and has to be immaculately composed. This is a highly formal letter. Before you begin the letter, remember the three-part format, comprising of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

The format is extremely useful when one is writing a formal letter. Same is not the case while you are writing an informal letter where you are free to deviate from it and make your tweaks to it. In the introduction part of the letter, state your reason for writing the letter. You can then go on to explicate your complaint. Remember to mention the nature of your complaint as well every detail about the same. Keep your letter short and brief.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a complaint letter to higher authorities


Sidharth Sudheer,

3453985, Hukchil Lane,





Mr. Babu Sudheer,

Chief Engineer,

Irrigation Department



Subject: Complaint regarding water services

Dear Sir,

I am Sidharth Sudheer, currently a resident of Hukchil Lane, one of the 67 wards that come under the Department of Irrigation, Pattom. This letter is written so as to convey my complaint regarding the deterioration in the quality of water over the past five months.

In December YYYY, certain officials from the Irrigation Department had conducted a survey of 20 lanes in the Pattom region, following which they had dug up as well as repaired the pipelines that delivered drinking water to our homes. Things had been fine for about two weeks until the torrential rains started. It was unusual for such a heavy downpour in January, and this resulted in rupturing the pipelines as well. Grit and sand occasionally make way to our homes. This is proof of the poor maintenance of pipeline systems as well as the inefficiency of water purification techniques.

As Chief Engineer of such a reputed and distinguished department, there is much you can undertake to rectify this situation, Sir. First of all, you could start by replacing our pipelines by more resistant ones. You could employ better purification systems as well; I have heard reports that a novel system of purification is now in place in Chackai and regions close to the airport. Please do look into the matter immediately, Sir. The residents of this lane are sick and tired of drinking the contaminated water.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Siddarth Sudheer

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