Complaint Letter for poor service, Sample & Format

A complaint letter for poor service is written by an unhappy customer over the poor service of a company or organization. The customer is dissatisfied with the service which was rendered to him on a particular occasion and he feels that a clarification should be given.


Catherine E. Allan

154 Cliffside Drive
Davenport, NY 13750

April 20, 2010

Service Manager

Western World Enterprise

173 Hillcrest Avenue
Boston, MA 02110

Dear Sir / Madam

RE: Complaint letter for poor service

I would like to bring your attention to the poor service that I received from one of your staff at your Boston outlet last Friday, April 18 2010. I was in your store at about 8.30pm when I enquired about some DIY tools with one of your staff.

A Hispanic male in his early 20s of medium built with a slight moustache just looked at me sheepishly and walked away. I thought he was going to get what I enquired. He never came back although I waited 10 minutes.

I could not get his name as there was no name tag on his uniform. The other staff shied away from assisting me further after the incident. When I tried to enquire the same from another staff, I was just informed ‘not available’.

I am very upset with the lack of proper training in customer service your staff seem to exhibit. I am greatly discouraged from returning to patronize your store unless compelled.

Please choose your staff wisely to service your customers well for the long haul.

Yours sincerely,

Catherine Allan

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