Complaint Letter for Poor Service

Complaint Letter for poor serviceIntroduction:

An unhappy customer writes a complaint letter for poor service over the poor service of a company or organization. The customer is dissatisfied with the service which was rendered to him on a particular occasion, and he feels that a clarification should be given. In today’s age and times when a client or customer is taken very seriously by the company, a complaint letter can easily bring the attention of the company to their service and prompt them to take swift action.

As it is a formal letter, keep the tone of the letter formal and clear. You should mention in detail the reason behind writing this letter. Don’t make the letter too long and make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Use polite and easily understandable language. Mention the incident in detail and provide only precise details.

Sample Letter:


Catherine E. Allan

154 Cliffside Drive
Davenport, NY 13750


Service Manager

Western World Enterprise

173 Hillcrest Avenue
Boston, MA 02110

Dear Sir / Madam,

RE: Complaint letter for poor service

I would like to bring your attention to the poor service that I received from one of your staff at your Boston outlet last Friday, DD/MM/YYYY. I was in your store at about 8.30pm when I enquired about some DIY tools with one of your staff.

A Hispanic male in his early 20s of medium built with a slight mustache just looked at me sheepishly and walked away. I thought he was going to get what I enquired. He never came back although I waited 10 minutes.

I couldn’t get his name as there was hardly any name tag on his uniform. The other staff shied away from assisting me further after the incident. When I tried to enquire the same from another staff, I was just informed ‘not available.’

I am very upset with the lack of proper training in customer service your staff seems to exhibit. I am greatly discouraged from returning to patronize your store unless compelled. As I have been a regular customer of your outlet and even otherwise I expect quick and polite service. This incident came as a rude shock.

Please choose your staff wisely to service your customers well for the long haul and not to cause them any kid if inconvenience. I sincerely hope such an incident will not happen again in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Catherine Allan

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