Complaint Letter by Teacher to Parents


Educational institutions serve as a second home for children- especially those in their formative years. Teachers have a huge role to play in the upbringing of a child, and therefore it becomes all the more necessary for both the teachers and parents of the student to ensure there remains a channel of effective communication.

Which is why when a child goes wrong or waivers, it becomes the duty of the teacher in charge to inform the parents about his or her actions regarding the same. This can be done through a letter where the actions and behaviors of the child are discussed in depth. Consequently, the parents can also be summoned to school based on the severity of the situations. Details regarding the same that is the timing, the location, the mistake committed should all be articulated well in the letter that is being sent to the parents. Refer below:



Mr & Mrs. Ramanan

12 Tower

South Close, Nirvana




PDS Gurgaon

Sector 54


Subject: Complaint Letter

Respected Mr & Mrs. Ramanan,

I write to you regarding your son, Raz’s behavior which lately has been a grave concern to me. As a teacher, it becomes my duty to look after your child, however, unfortunately, it feels like the more I try with your son, the less he listens to me.

Raz has always been a very bright child and has shown great initiative when it comes to not only his academics but extra curricular activities as well- primarily football. However, I am concerned that the more he involves himself in football (which is not bad though), but this has affected his studies to a great extent and you will certainly be aware of this.

While I understand the importance of sports and extra curricular, I write to you to urge Raz to learn how to strike a balance between his studies and football. I will be his biggest supporter when it comes to football, but I need your help to make him understand the relevance and importance of studies in life as well.

This is a growing age, so I request you to not be too stern with him, rather have a proper conversation with him where he can express his point of view as well.

I request you to kindly meet with me this Friday at 8:30 am where we can discuss Raz’s performance in person and deliberate on ways that work in his favor. Please reply back to this letter as soon as possible.

Thank you

Nisha Sharma

Class Teacher


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