Complaint Letter

Complaint Letter


Often when a person isn’t happy with a service provided or a product presented the customer has the right to raise a complaint against it. The customer can state as to what was wrong with the product/service and can give suggestions as to improve so that such a mistake is not repeated in the future.

The complainant gives the details of the poor service rendered or poor products delivered so that the recipient of the letter can take the appropriate action to rectify the situation and prevent a repetition of the situation. In a service based complaint letter, it is imperative to mention the date and time of when the incident occurred so that the management can dig up relevant information regarding the poor service rendered. Make sure you clearly state the management’s mistake, tell them how it can be made better and end your letter by asking for compensation.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Complaint Letter.


Samantha Bulwark

233 Flame Street
Memphis, MS 38115

August 27, 2010


Shannon Riley

Planet Shakers Restaurant

52 Main Street
Alexander City, AL 32242

Dear Ms. Riley

Re: Poor Service Rendered

I am writing to complain about the poor service that was rendered to me at your esteemed establishment on August 22, 2010, at about 8 pm. Before my arrival at your restaurant that evening, I had already made a reservation for a party of six. My reservation was at 7 pm, and my party and I arrived at 6.50pm. However, the management had made no prior arrangements for our reservation, so we were forced to wait for a whole hour before we were seated. The least that could’ve been done was to serve a few starters or drinks to the waiting party.

However, the horror didn’t end there. The table seating was meant for a party of four, so my party and I were pretty cramped. No arrangements were made for two extra seats either. The service was slow, and no apologies or reasons for the delay in our seating or food were given. The manager was nowhere in sight.

I was surprised to be ill-treated by a reputed restaurant like yours and was hugely disappointed by the bad service at your establishment which was recommended by a friend. It was certainly a bad first experience. Any other guest would have shouted and made a scene right there. However, we felt it would be better to write to you so that this mistake can be rectified at once.

I hope you shall take the appropriate actions to ensure that your guests would never again have such a bad experience at your establishment.

Yours sincerely,

Samantha Bulwark

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