Company Reference Letter

Company Reference letter


Trust and integrity are two important qualities that are sought after in business partners, and most request a letter or document which outlines a company’s authenticity before proceeding on with the venture. Such a document, a company reference letter is written to confirm the company’s reputation by an individual or another company who acts as a recommender or intermediary and introduces them to another who may wish to have future business dealings with the referred company.

This letter contains information about the referred company’s trustworthiness and good work ethics to assure another of any possible business transactions. The referrer or intermediary must have had dealings with the company that he/she is referring to for their opinion on the company to be valid. The contents of the letter must be convincing, and care must be taken to avoid any discrepancy concerning the company and its practices.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Company Reference Letter.



San Diego Bank

566 Southern Street

San Diego, CA 9383





Rodney M. Dodson


Four Seasons Hotel

4730 Rowes Lane

Louisville, KY 40202


Subject: Company Reference


Dear Sir / Madam,

On behalf of Office Supplies & Furnishings, I am writing this letter to provide you with a reference of this company.

Office Supplies & Furnishings has been a long time business partner with the Four Seasons Hotel and it’s various subsidiaries and chains. It has supplied all the furniture such as beds, banquet tables and chairs, sofas and the like, to the Four Seasons Hotel chain and is a leading provider to various hotel chains around the country. Over our association, we have found Office Supplies & Furnishings to be a responsible and trustworthy business partner who deals with integrity and respect. Its products are of high quality and long lasting.

They are open to customizing the order depending on the needs of their customers and have always delivered when it comes to product build and appeal. Their terms and conditions are fair and very acceptable and customer satisfaction is a priority for them. We at Four Seasons Hotel intend to continue our collaboration with Office Supplies & Furnishings for a long time as we have established a respectable and beneficial partnership over the course of our dealings.

I hope that the above information on Office Supplies & Furnishings will warrant your kind consideration on their loan application from your esteemed bank.

Respectfully yours,

Rodney M. Dodson


Four Seasons Hotel

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