College Scholarship Letter


A college scholarship letter is written by a student to his/her college authorities to seek a scholarship for education. Scholarship acts as a great boon to those students who can’t afford their education. Government and colleges themselves provide scholarships to students who want to continue their education but are unable to do so. It is a great initiative to help those who want to study further.

A college scholarship letter is a formal letter written by a student to his college authorities asking for a scholarship. One must mention their academic details in the letter. Preference is given to meritorious students as they are the deserving candidates. The details provided should be true to their nature as falsification of details can cause immediate withdrawal of scholarship. Mention all the necessary details which you think might help you in getting the scholarship. Once through the letter, check it for grammatical errors.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of college scholarship letter.


Jyoti Thapa,

1st year, (H),

GGDU, Delhi.



The Principal,

GGDU, Delhi.

Subject – Scholarship Letter.

Respected sir,

I, Jyoti Thapa, a student of (H) IInd semester, is writing you this letter to seek the scholarship facility that the college provides. I have filled the scholarship form. However, I wish to write to you to tell the reason behind why I need the scholarship.

I hail from a village nearby Delhi area. Being brought up in a lower middle-class family, financial problems have been a part of our lives for as long as I can remember. However, my parents wanted to give me the best education that I could get. They worked hard to give their only child the best they could afford, and they succeeded too. I got admission into this college because of my merit score. I scored good marks even in the first semester of college and had topped my batch. However, I now find myself incapable of paying the college fees. The accommodation prices are too high, and it all is taking a huge toll on my parents’ managing the expenses. I am finding it hard to get a part time job too since I am only in the first year right now.

I have provided all the details required for the scholarship. Please go through them once and consider me for the scholarship. Hoping for a positive response from your side.
Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Jyoti Thapa,

1st year, (H),

GGDU, Delhi.

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