College Reference Letter

College reference letter


A College Reference Letter is written on behalf of a student who wishes to enter a particular college. Hence, the letter serves the purpose of providing a reference to a person in the academic authority. The reference shows to the receiver the character of that particular student and the record of his or her academic performance in the high school. Usually, the colleges holding great repute and high prestige require references. The referee can be the High School Principal or School Counselor, or any other such prominent person who knows the student well so as to make a favorable reference.

In a College Reference Letter, the writer should state the purpose of writing the letter in the introductory paragraph. The academic records and other such necessary particulars of the concerned student should be included in the second paragraph of the letter. The concluding paragraph should express faith in the receiver that he or she will regard the writer’s request for consideration. Since the letter is putting forward a request, the tone of the letter should be kept polite and humble throughout.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of a College reference letter.


Riley Murdoch


One Tree High School,

884 Yorkshire Lane,

Wilson, NC 34553



Jane Arthur


Admissions Office,

Fine Arts Community College,

Los Angeles, KJ68321

Subject: Reference for Ms. Sylvia Lane

Dear Mrs. Jane Arthur,

I am pleased to be a referee for Ms. Sylvia Lane, an all-rounder student from One Tree High School. I have been a counselor for Ms. Sylvia Lane for the past five years. Hence,  I believe that she will be a perfect addition to the Fine Arts Community College.

Ms. Lane is a very conscientious and diligent student. Also, I have observed her be very responsible towards her studies as well as her talents. She is quick to learn concepts and has a great interest in learning several subjects. She has never compromised in her studies. Apart from academics, Ms. Lane has a deep passion for singing as well as drama. She has a melodious voice that can reach and attract a broad range of chords. She has great acting skills too as has been proved by the appraisal of her performances in her self-composed successful plays which One Tree High School had organized. She is a very creative as well as an intellectual person.

I believe Ms. Lane will go far in the fine arts industry, under your esteemed college tutelage. I trust that you will create an opportunity for her to study in your reputed college.

Thanking you for your kind consideration.

Yours Sincerely

Riley Murdoch


One Tree High School

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