College Recommendation Letter

College recommendation letter


A college recommendation letter is written by an academic authority, such as the High School Principal, on behalf of a student who wishes to apply for a college admission. The college recommendation letter should be worded favorably to recommend the student to be given a place in the preferred college to continue his/ her studies. These type of letters are formal letters and hence have to be polite and humble.

This type of letter comes very handy when one is seeking admission in a university. Make sure you attach the academic mark sheets of the student. Also, attach any type of certificates that may aid in the admission of the student you are recommending. Recommendations carry a lot of weight while a student seeks admission in a college. The letter should be honest and one should not lie about the feats of the student they are writing the recommendation for.

Sample Letter

It is a sample of College Recommendation Letter.


Martin Riley,


Durham High School,

2235, Yorkshire Circle,

Wilson, North Carolina 27893

January 2, 2011



Admissions Office,

LA Community College,

Los Angeles, California 0391

Subject: Recommendation for College Admission

Dear Sir/ Madam,

With this letter, I am recommending Mr. Joshua Logan to your esteemed Community College for this winter term. He is a resident of Wilson.

I know that your admissions are usually for the fall term, but Mr. Logan has just recovered from a long illness. He was an exemplary student at Durham High School and graduated with honors in August 2011. He was supposed to enter into your College in fall, but he fell sick and could not inform your college of his situation.

Attached is a copy of the hospital records and his physician’s report and recommendation. Mr. Logan’s doctor has just approved of his good health to allow him back to school again.

All his academic records from the school are also attached for your reference. All his certificates for the extracurricular activities are also there. Mr. Joshua scored a decent fourteen hundred out of sixteen hundred on his SATs.

I trust that you will find all the papers in order and your compassionate stand, let Mr. Logan join his preferred program of Medical Assistantship for this term. Thank you for your kind understanding on Mr. Logan’s unexpected situation.

You won’t be disappointed in Mr. Joshua. We hope to hear favorably from you soon. We shall be highly grateful to you.

Thank You.

Respectfully yours,

Martin Riley,


Durham High School.


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