College Leave Letter


A college leave letter is one that is written by a student to his college authorities for taking leave for a definite period. Though most of the colleges don’t demand a leave letter, however, it is good to submit a leave letter as it is helpful in getting attendance. Also, it proves that you are an obedient student who takes college authorities seriously.

A college leave letter is a formal letter submitted by a student seeking leave for any reason varying from personal to medical, to the college authorities. The leaves can be granted by the rules of the college. However, in general, if the reason for taking leave is genuine, then would be granted. Mention all details regarding your leave, i.e., the duration, reason and also that your studies won’t be hampered due to this. Once through the letter, run a grammatical check on it for errors.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of college leave letter.


Pushpendra Sidar,

2nd year, EEE

Ramia Institute of Technology.




Bhawnendra Mokawat,


Ramia Institute of Technology.


Subject – Leave Letter.

Respected Sir,

I, Pushpendra Sidar, a second-year student in Electronics and Electrical Engineering Department of the College is writing you this letter to inform about the leaves that I will be taking in the coming week. I have been a good student and have never been absent in any of my lectures. But this time, I have to take a leave, the reason behind it is an important one.

My only sister is getting married on DD/MM/YYYY in our home town. My whole family will be leaving for the same on DD/MM/YYYY. However, I shall fly on the eve of the starting of wedding festivities, i.e., on DD/MM/YYYY. It is an important occasion for me and I wish to attend it for this time is not going to come back. I have completed all my assignments and being a good student; I shall catch up with the missed lectures in less time. I need a leave of 7 days from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. I can’t leave hostel premises unless the college sanctions my leave. I hope you would consider my request for the leave and grant me the same in 3 days of time. Had it been any other family function, I would’ve given it a miss, but it is my sister’s wedding. I do hope you understand.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

Pushpendra Sidar.

2nd year, EEE

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