College Donation Letter

A donation letter is a letter written to a higher individual or business person or business organizations who and which are capable of donating money for the welfare of others. These type of letters were written by social service organizations. Even students of a particular college can also write a donation letter to develop the college. As this letter is written to a higher individual, the letter should be a formal one. The voice of the writer should be appealing and comforting to the recipient.

As it is a college donation letter, it should include the details like why the college needs a donation, for what purpose they need donation and how the donated amount will be spent. The principal or head of the college will write this letter. Sometimes the trustee may also write the letter. The letter should explain how much the recipient donation is important. In the end, mention you are anticipating a positive reply from the recipient.

College Donation Sample letter

The following is a sample of College Donation Letter


Mahesh Agarwal,

The Principal,

Gandhi Junior College,





Muskan Agarwal,

Homemade Industry,

Bal Nagar,


Subject: Donation for college

Respected Ma’am,

I, Mahesh Agarwal, am working as principal of Gandhi Junior College for the past five years. As our college is a government aided college, we get funds from the government for the college needs. But I hesitate to say that the funds are always insufficient and will credit lately every year. As the principal of the college, it is my duty to help the students to get what they need. So I decided to collect donations from people like you. We took this initiative from this year onwards, and I am glad to mention that you are the first person we are approaching for the donation. It is because of your good behavior to help the society and needy people. We hope that you would react in the same way in our case.

The reason for writing this letter is we are collecting donation for renovating our college. As this process need a huge amount of money, we are collecting in small amounts from people like you. The total estimate of the process is nearly 20 lakhs. So on behalf of my college students, I am asking you to help us in this activity to complete it successfully. A good amount of donation from your side will be appreciated. Kindly provide us the money as soon as possible as we have a lot of work to do. If possible circulate this news to your business associates so that they can also help us. If you have any doubts regarding this matter, please feel free to call us at 040-258625. Anticipating a positive and quick reply from you. Thank you in advance.

Yours Faithfully,

Mahesh Agarwal,

Gandhi Junior College.


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