College Application letter


A College Application letter is to be submitted by a student who wants to enter into a college, which is a higher learning after high school. The student may use this college application letter as a cover letter to his college application form which the college provides. It can state the student’s intent to enter that particular college.

As it is an application letter to a college for admission you can also ask the details about the college such as the number professors for your concerned department, the infrastructure of the college, facilities provided by the college such as a library, stadium for indoor and outdoor games, gym for physical exercise, hostel facilities, and rules etcetera. You can also enquire about the rules of the college and the attire allowed in the college. In the end, mention that you are looking forward to getting an admission the college and say thank you for taking their time to consider your application.

Sample College Application Letter:


Annie Carson

283 Traders Lane

Kansas City, MO 88930



Admissions Office

Kansas College of Business Studies

Kansas City, MO 92333

Dear Sir / Madam,

RE: College Application

Having heard so much about your esteemed college for its prestigious Business Studies, I am eager to submit the enclosed application form to enter Kansas College of Business Studies. I have just graduated from Milford High School last fall and have been working part-time as a retail assistant in a small retail firm in Kansas City. Having understood more about the business aspects of this environment, I am intrigued with the full scope of the business world. Hence, I would like to venture my career into Business Studies; and there is no better place to achieve my objective than at your prestigious Kansas College of Business Studies.

Hence I am applying for a seat in Bachelor of Business Management course. As I already mentioned that your college is best for Business Studies, I would like to pursue my degree in your college so that I can have more value for my degree. I want to know about some of the details about the college such as the number of professors that will guide us in the course time, the infrastructure of the college, the college working hours, the attire allowed in the college premises. Another facility you have in your college is you offer part time jobs in the college itself hence by studying I could earn some money for myself. I am attaching a copy of my educational certificates with this letter so that it will be easy for you to evaluate my skills. I hope to hear favorably from you on my application.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Annie Carson.

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