College Admission Letter

College Admission Letter


A College admission letter is sent by the College to inform the successful candidate of his or her secured placement in the college for a program. These letters are from the dean of the college or the admission office. The letter states its congratulations as well as relevant course and admission information to assist the candidate in enrolling into the College. The letter usually requires a response.

This is an extremely formal and important letter and hence should be acknowledged at once. College letters usually confirm your application at their institution along with relevant details about further procedures. These procedures could include the date for payment of the fees, a list of relevant documents that are required from the college to confirm your admission along with details wanted for your preferred choice of course. Make sure the date from when the session commences is clearly highlighted. Also, mention the date by which the candidate must send in his or her confirmation.



Jonathan A. Moore

Admissions Office

Grand Hill Community College

948 Memory Lane
Rockford, IL 61101

August 2, 2010


Catherina Weitz

2753 Bradford Lane
Morrisville, NC 9930

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: College Admission

On behalf of Grand Hill Community College, we thank you for your interest and application to the Arts program offered here. After a month-long process of thorough screening of 10000+ applications and several interviews rounds the College has released the list of selected candidates.

I am delighted to inform you that you have managed to be selected as one of our new entries and have secured a place in the Terry school of Arts. You have been enrolled for the fall program, which commences on September 10, 2010.  Congratulations, you are now on your path of becoming a Trojan!

To ensure that we can smoothly proceed with your application we request you to kindly respond before August 15, 2010, on whether you are accepting or declining our offer of placement. There are many other candidates awaiting placement due to which we hope to hear from you at the earliest.

This offer of acceptance will be null and void after that response date.

While we understand you will be carefully considering our proposal we have arranged a campus visit for all our shortlisted candidates. This visit is scheduled for the DD/MM/YYYY. It will be a day-long visit where you will get the chance to interact with your professors and your future seniors. This one on one conversation will hopefully help clear whatever doubts and apprehensions you may have.

Please refer to the Admissions Office for further information on tuition fees, accommodation and orientation details.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community of high aspirants.

Congratulations again!

For Grand Hill Community College,

Jonathan Moore

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