Collection Letter

Collection Letter


A Collection letter can be written by a company or individual informing its recipient of some items of the consignment nature which are to be collected by the recipient. This letter is written formally on behalf of a designated individual or an organization on the whole. These letters are of high value as the actions following such type of letters are dependent on time. Such letters are very popular in today’s era and are effective nowadays.

The letter contains all the relevant information for the recipient, such as the description of the collectible items, the date, time and location for the recipient to pick up the consignment are all stated for the convenience of the recipient. A time frame is usually imposed by the party writing the letter, for the collection to be done, to avoid disposal or forfeiture of the items to be collected. This is a letter written to a client and hence should be formal and should follow basic professional format. The letter should be short, concise and up to a point. Make sure you include all the relevant information about the collection and avoid including details that are not necessary. The sample mentioned below will help you drafted an effective collection letter.



Jonas Robinson

Collection Officer

Parcel World

4184 Wolf   Road
San Jose, CA 95113



Jennifer Morris

9822 House Street

Pleasant Hope, MO 65725

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Collection of Parcel

This is to inform you that a parcel addressed to you from Sweden was attempted in delivery at your home last Tuesday, DD/MM/YYYY, at 3 pm but no one was available to receive it. Hence, the parcel is stored at our Collection Centre at Parcel World.

You are requested to collect your parcel on any business working day from 10 am to 5 pm on DD/MM/YYYY. If you request someone else to collect on your behalf, please submit an authorization letter. Failure to comply with these collection terms may cause forfeiture or disposal of your parcel.

Please do not hesitate to call us for further assistance on this matter.

Thank you for using Parcel World for your delivery needs.

Yours sincerely,

Jonas Robinson

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